Brains like puppies

A mostly-good-boy

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The two times I adopted dogs (one a rescue puppy, the other a rescued stray), I read books about playful, loving, and calm training methods, that ultimately focused on how best to train me.

I needed these teachings to survive the first three months of living with new creatures — foreign balls of energy that I likened to living with ETs.

After that, my dogs knew how to sit, down, off, poop, and pee on command.

And I knew how to be with a smart puppy’s chaos and a stray dog’s unpredictable aggression … all while staying playful, loving, and calm within me.

It took me three months to relax into our new lives together. Three months to become peacefully inseparable from extraterrestrials.

Three months is also about how long it took me to:
• Commit to starting a business (while listening to Napoleon Hill on repeat)
• Start writing regularly (while following Alan Watt’s The 90 Day Novel)
• Unravel intense insomnia (while studying Daniel Erichsen’s teachings)

Three months seems to be the amount of time it takes to teach my brain new tricks. As long as I can train it like a frazzled puppy with playfulness, kindness, repetition, and patience.

I wonder how many more times I will need to re-learn over three months that I can change my brain — and therefore my life — by befriending discomfort and uncertainty.

(And also that I’m very, very grateful for people who’ve traveled this way before me and written good books.)


PS: I started writing this email a few weeks ago, and it became a much longer and more revealing essay about my recent adventures in neuroplasticity. For the sake of everyone’s patience and inboxes, I put that on Medium here, where you can read it at your leisure and only if you’re interested. ❤️

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