New Year Vision Grid for You

New Year Vision Grid for You

Hello there,

As we say goodbye to an extraordinarily off-kilter year, my heart is full of gratitude. It’s been an honor working with wonderful clients like you, and I also appreciate the many friends and family members (and a few strangers too!) who’ve been along for the ride. My New Year’s wish for you is a renewed and vibrant perspective that extends into all areas of your life.

In that spirit, I’ve created a Vibrant Vision Grid to help you piece together what a beautiful, balanced life might look like, as well as help you hold onto your bright visions even when the world goes topsy-turvy. 

Is there something you’d like to put your energy into but can’t seem to? Do you have a hard time maintaining a positive perspective in different areas of your life? How do we set bright and bold intentions for what we want in various aspects of our lives and uphold those beautiful visions over time, even when our external situations are continually changing? 

The Vibrant Vision Grid is here to help! How it works: 1) Download the PDF. 2) Slow down and reflect on the various areas. 3) Fill out the grid with your bright and bold visions. 4) Place your grid where you can view it over time to remind yourself of your beautiful dreams.

I suggest setting visions that feel light and inspiring rather than heavy and specific. For example, a Health vision might include “joyful movement often” rather than “run 3 miles a day.” Aim for authentic, feel-good goals that are readily accessible at any time. Along the way, be gentle with yourself: striving for balance is beautiful, but everything is always in flux.

Download the vision grid now!

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