Blind Trust

(A Call for Creative Test Subjects!)


Support is often in terribly short supply in a creative person’s life.  There is no one to talk to about the work.  There is no one to talk to about the struggle.  There is no one to talk to about the enormous gap between the dream the person had and the reality the person is living.  Indeed, many creative people have been looking their whole life for one single advocate, for one person who will say, ‘You have it in you and I will help.’  They are weary of supporting themselves in this regard and telling themselves over and over again, ‘You matter, what you have to offer is important, you’ll make it yet.’ – Eric Maisel

Hi there! The following is a request for any creators (or would-be creators) out there who may be looking for a little extra support along their creative paths this fall. I’m taking a class from one of my favorite writers and thinkers on the subject of creativity (Eric Maisel, quoted above), and as a student I’m encouraged to work with 2-4 real live, actual creatives. If you’re interested, I’d be honored to pick your brain about your creative life and offer some unconditional (and free!) support in return. More details below…

Who: You are a regularly producing or on-the-side or blocked or would-be creator. Regardless of your specific creative outlet, creating is part of how you make and find meaning in your life… or how you think you might, if you did it more. But you could use someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to brainstorm with, someone to complain to, or just some unconditional love and support.

What: I’m here to ask questions, learn about your goals, process and struggles, and offer all the cheerleading and insight I can to help you get your creative work done. In addition to any of your creative project’s specific issues, we can delve into the issues that all creative folk share, namely:

  • The existential issues of making creativity (and life) meaningful and balancing art with other things that make for a good life (families, friends, work, service, spirit, health, etc).
  • The personality issues of balancing positive traits (confidence, energy, thoughtfulness, discipline, etc) with the shadow sides of each.
  • The relationship issues of balancing a need for solitude with necessary relationships (and the inevitable issues those relationships can present).
  • The marketplace issues of supporting creativity in the real world and bringing art to market.
  • The cultural issues of being part of a society that values productivity, consumption and conformity over… shall we say… our own unique creative selves.

When & Where: We’ll probably email back and forth once or twice each week, from now through mid-December. We may chat in person or via Skype at some point too.

Why: Like I said, I’m taking a class about creativity this fall and I’m looking for a few test subjects. I’ve also personally learned the incredible value in reaching out to someone and asking for their insight and motivation with my own creative pursuits. I’m now a firm believer that the unconditional support of even just one person can be enough to make the difference in sticking with something or tossing it out.

How: You will email me and let me know that you’re interested. Then I will email you a few questions to get the ball rolling, and then we can play it by ear depending on your needs. We’ll probably email back and forth once or twice each week over the fall, and maybe we’ll chat in person or via Skype at some point too. We’ll be very flexible and easy on your schedule. All of your information, of course, will remain confidential.

The Blind Trust Part: In many respects, I’m still a very curious beginner when it comes to creativity. Despite working for the past ten years in the fairly creative business of design, it’s only been in recent years that I’ve made personal creative side projects a regular practice in my life. This has been a life changing experience for me, and one I’m hoping to explore further. So, I’m eager to learn from you and your experiences and, as a student of the subject, I will do my best to fill in any of my gaps with research and reading from people more knowledgeable than me.

Thanks for considering it!


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  1. It looks like I have four confirmed takers for my experiment now, although I’d be happy to take on one or two more if you’re interested!

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