Understand the Basics of Your Creative Project

Understand the Basics
{This is a final post in a little series on simplifying creative projects.}

5. Understand the Building Blocks

I’m going to go out on a limb now and make a bold statement: having a basic understanding of the tools of your craft will help any creative project run smoother.

I’m aware that this statement is obvious. Of course a writer with a good understanding of story structure and grammar will have an easier time writing a novel. A painter who understands how to work with watercolors and paper will find it easier to paint a picture. A cook who understands cooking methods and kitchen tools will have an easier go at preparing a meal.

In the world of information design and web development though, where a variety of people with different backgrounds can be involved in creation of a project, this uber-basic tenet can become less apparent. But no matter your role on a design or development project, whether you’re the designer, programmer, creative director, client, project manager, writer or reviewer (or likely a combination of all of these) it can be very useful to understand the basics of what you’re working with.

What are these “basics”?

In upcoming posts, I’ll detail these basics a bit more. So please check back, or sign up below to get notes in your inbox.

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