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A unique skincare website that generates remarkable business.

Jane Dudik, founder of The Acne Treatment Center, is a beloved long-term client. I was fortunate to build The Acne Treatment Center’s first website nearly a decade ago. Jane and I reconnected recently and rebuilt the site, and we continue to update it from time to time. 

The current WordPress site includes a clean design, unique iconography, custom photography, detailed service information, interactive before and after sliders, a skincare blog, and online booking. The website serves as an important team member, helping grow the company during all hours of the day.


Acne Treatment Center


Website design

WordPress development

“The website is performing so well! In May we had a 37% increase in new clients over the previous May. Crazy growth.”Jane Dudik 
Founder & CEO, Acne Treatment Center 

Acne Treatment Center Home Page
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