Mobile Self-Guided Tour Screens

Local history tells the ‘Story of Us’ in museum displays and a mobile tour.

I provided interface design for Tierra Plan and the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum to create an interactive exhibit called the Story of Us that tells the story of the shaping of a city. The playful storybook-themed interface is deployed on large touch displays throughout the museum.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we adapted the exhibit into a clean and engaging self-guided mobile experience. Visitors can browse a map to view interesting locations, historic street photos, and history tours. Accessibility is taken into account for visually impaired visitors using screen readers.


Tierra Plan for Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum


Requirements gathering
Interactive prototyping
HTML/CSS/Bootstrap development
(Backend by Tierra Plan)

“You took our rough sketch of an idea and brought it to life – with the results totally exceeding our expectations.” Leah Davis Witherow 
Curator of History, Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum 

Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum Story of Us Screenhots
Story of Us Museum Interface by MatternCo
Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum Story of Us Screenhots
Colorado Springs History Museum Story of Us Interface
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