Child Health Innovations Manual Design

Manual illustration and design to help mothers breastfeed babies born with a cleft palate.

Child Health Innovations, a medical device company, invented The Breastfeeder, a device that empowers mothers to breastfeed babies born with a cleft palate. Founder Annie Boekelheide wanted a simple visual guide that would help mothers around the world use the device.

I worked with Annie to structure content for a manual, illustrate visuals, and design a simple two-page guide. The manual uses colorful line for a visual, elegant how-to that can be translated into different languages and understood with or without text.

It was an honor working with Annie to help make her potentially life-saving device easier to use.


Child Health Innovations


Requirements gathering
Content assistance
Technical illustration
Manual design

“I love it!!!” Annie Boekelheide
Child Health Innovations 

Child Health Innovations Manual Illustration and Design
Medical Device Manual Illustration and Design
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