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Full-service design to forge a mission.

JuliAnn Stitick, founder of Cast Iron Babe, has a goal is to help families live happier and calmer lives through products and entertainment that teach children critical life skills.

It was great fun helping JuliAnn realize her dream with brand development, website design/development, illustration, collateral development, product design, and copywriting. 

Cast Iron Babe’s visuals are nostalgic, positive, and playful, appealing to kids and parents alike. The WordPress website uses a clean design that highlights the company’s products, videos, and articles. The site also includes fun lead magnets and even supports subscription memberships.

So far, we’ve designed products that playfully educate kids about writing letters, managing money, making breakfast, and growing seedlings.


Cast Iron Babe


Logo design
Brand guidelines
Collateral & product design
Website design
WordPress development 

“Thank you for your dedication, creativity, and leadership!”JuliAnn Stitick
CEO, Cast Iron Babe

Letter Writing Children's Education Product Design
Money Education Children's Education Product Design
Egg and Toasty Children's Education Product Design
Cast Iron Babe Logo
Cast Iron Babe Illustrated Recipe Cards
Cast Iron Babe Story Cards
Snail Mail Educational Kit for Kids
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