Dust and Mud


“A treasure of thought-provoking happiness.”

Dust & Mud

a novel
As her past catches up with her, can the Girl Bomber become the hero she needs to be?

Ellie Dray is the infamous Girl Bomber.

Four years ago, she destroyed a greenhouse complex at her northern California university, then risked her life to rescue a man on the scene at the time. 

Today, Ellie’s halfway through her prison sentence, and her family and friends have deserted her. Her twin brother Kyle is picking up the pieces of his own life that fell apart in college. Their father, the conservative governor of Nevada, is the president’s next pick for VP.

So why is her prison sentence suddenly commuted? And why is the man injured in her attack inviting her to his property to start a farm? And how on earth does she end up living there, befriended by a community of outsiders?

Ellie has a chance at love and redemption, but trouble’s brewing. (A corrupt agrochemical company, a continued FBI investigation, California’s strange weather patterns.) 

It’s time for Ellie Dray to come to terms with her past and stand up to protect the people and place she’s come to love. Who knows, along the way, she might just become the hero of her own story.

“DUST AND MUD by Sarah Mattern beautifully explores the central theme that, perhaps, even after a very great fall, sometimes those who deeply love and are deeply loved, can be put back together again.” 

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