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I believe heartfelt design can inspire good work in the world.

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Design Services


websites, interfaces, brands, books, brochures
Development Services


web development, wordpress, squarespace, shopify
Content Services


information design, logos, iconography, editorial, books
Teaching Services


design classes, wordpress training, creativity workshops

My services include web design, branding and collateral design, information design, illustration, front-end web development, WordPress theme development, training, and more, all customized for you and your unique project.

I’ve been happily making things for wonderful clients since 2006. I’ve worked with large companies (like Peets Coffee, Dagoba Organic, and Nutiva Organic), agencies (like Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Agency, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency, and the City and County of San Francisco), universities (like UC Davis, University of Colorado, and CSU East Bay), businesses, non-profits, and individuals.

I use a clear and inclusive process that involves you in your project. I ask questions, get your input and preferences, design/review/revise, build, and provide training so that what we create provides as much value as possible.

I also sincerely care about my clients. I want the experience of working together to delight you, and I want what we create to inspire you.

If you’re interested in working together, please contact me. I’d love to learn about your project!


how it works



understand & propose

You and I will chat about your needs, wants, budget and schedule. If we seem like a good fit, I will provide a no-obligation proposal that clearly communicates my understanding of your project and estimated costs. This will give us a plan to follow if you decide to move forward.



research, inspire & focus

We will discuss your strategy, inspiration and preferences to inform your project’s design, architecture and functionality. Sometimes this step can include a mood board and sketches so we can vet ideas and preferences before any more in-depth design work begins.



mockup, review & revise

I will draft one or more initial options for a project's general design. You will review and provide input, and I will revise. We repeat this process for other critical or representative designs.



code, test & refine

For website projects, the building phase includes frontend coding (HTML, CSS and Javascript), WordPress theme customization/creation, adding content and testing.



train & go live

For website projects, I provide you with a training book and session so you can manage your website’s content over time. Once the final content is added, we go live! For print and branding projects, I provide you with the final files you require.



ongoing support

Once your project is launched, you may identify ways to stay relevant and engaging over time. An ongoing relationship with a client is a beautiful thing, and I feel lucky when I get to be a part of a client’s continued work.


I’ve been building websites using WordPress ( as a content management system for over ten years. These are the reasons I love and recommend WordPress. (All this said, please pick the technology you feel will work best for you!)

It's free, open source software

This means WordPress is continually optimized by a community of developers, and you don’t need to depend on a company staying in business or controlling your terms of use.

You stay in charge of your hosting & domain

You should always own the keys to your website, email and other domain-related services.

It's search engine friendly

Content is king when it comes to search engines, and WordPress gives you simple tools to manage your content.

Full design customization is possible

WordPress themes can be crafted from scratch without the limits of set templates.

Many themes are available

If a custom design isn’t for you, thousands of beautiful themes are already available.

Functionality is robust

WordPress offers excellent content management capabilities so you can update your content on the fly. Plus, there are many plugins available that add functions and integrate WordPress with other applications.