Dust and Mud
Dust and Mud
Dust and Mud
If you happen to be looking for a good diversion (who isn’t these days?), I’d like to point you in the direction of Dust and Mud. That’s the novel I’ve been working on in my spare time over the past few years. While I’m a busy designer by day (and often by night), like many people, I always wanted to write a novel. Along the way, it’s been an expansive and healing journey. I’ve learned a lot—about how to write, how to pick a project, how to commit, and, finally, how to send personal creative endeavor out into the world. I hope you'll take a look!
In September, I'm donating any and all royalties to one of my favorite local nonprofits, Fertile GroundWorks.
Dust and Mud Novel Cover, by Sarah Mattern

Dust & Mud

a novel

Coming soon!

Ellie Dray is the infamous ‘Girl Bomber.’

Four years ago, she destroyed a greenhouse complex at her northern California university, then risked her life to rescue a man on the scene at the time. She drew massive media attention as a sweet looking criminal-hero. (Not that she looks sweet, not anymore. And she’s definitely not a hero.)

Today, Ellie is halfway through her prison sentence, and her family and friends have deserted her. Her twin brother Kyle is picking up the pieces of his own life that fell apart in college. Their father, the conservative governor of Nevada, is the president’s next pick for VP. 

So why is her prison sentence suddenly commuted? And why is the man injured in her attack inviting her to his property to start a farm? And how on earth does she end up living there, befriended by a community of outsiders?

Ellie has a chance at love and redemption, but trouble’s brewing. (A corrupt agrochemical company, a continued FBI investigation, an undercover journalist . . . not to mention California’s strange weather patterns.)

It’s time for Ellie Dray to come to terms with her past and stand up to protect the people and place she’s come to love. Who knows, along the way, she might just become the hero of her own story.